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morning blood sugar of 120

Blood sugar 120 in morning dec 10 a: food intake is a most powerful player here. it is common for blood sugar levels to be elevated in the early morning due to hormonal activity during the night, then… No, not really. even if your blood sugar is a little high, your glycogen supplies in your muscles and liver can be a little high. and it’s not what you do after you take a blood sugar reading that makes a difference to that reading. modestly eleva…. High vs. low blood sugar level. within two hours of eating a meal or snack, the body’s sugar level rises to 120 to 140 mg/dl and returns to the ideal range below 100 mg/dl by bedtime. many healthy people can last through the day with fewer meals and a normal sugar level of 60 mg/dl.. Continue reading

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diabetes blood sugar 1000 and temp drops

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Even in people without diabetes, the blood sugar level will rise following a meal. there should be guidelines as to what your blood sugar should be when you are fasting, so make sure you adhere to that. as long as you blood sugar is well controlled overall (evidence by your blood glucose sticks) you should be fine.. I could be just how her body uses insulin. i have hypoglycemia at night which started when i was about 17. (i was diagnosed at 7 and am now 28.) i can go to bed fine (ie at 12) and then my blood sugar drops to 30-40 at 3am. i have gone into convulsions before due to this.. Type 1 diabetes; blood sugar and ovulation; 1000 mg er met, 2000iu vitamin d3, multi vitamins, allegra, postprandials) around ovulation and the 2-4 days before i get my period. most of the time i can get away with a 10%+ temp basal or a bunch of exercise to reign things in somewhat.. Continue reading

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blood sugar 129 in morning

I wake up every morning with blood sugar at no higher than 125. i started off at 650 then dropped to 400 now i’m at 129 the highest. it takes dedication, and patience.. Another cause of high morning blood sugar is the "dawn phenomenon." in the dawn phenomenon, your body releases hormones that trigger your liver to put out glucose while you sleep. if there is not enough insulin in the body to counteract this, then blood glucose levels rise during the night, resulting in a high reading in the morning.. Is 124 a good blood sugar? and check your blood sugar periodically. 140 is somewhat high. 124 is good i have tested my blood for a weekthe morning is. two fasting morning blood sugars 129 and 130, two fasting morning blood sugars 129 and 130, and another 124…type 2 diabetes? i guess i shouldn’t be this a harmful blood sugar level to be at? jump to content.. Continue reading

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Why is blood sugar high in the morning? by dr. donohue, herald-tribune / friday, donohue: i have type 2 diabetes and check my blood sugar every morning before breakfast. it’s usually in the 125 mg/dl (6.9 mmol/l) to 150 (8.3) range. when i have my blood sugar checked at the lab, they tell me to fast before taking the test.. A normal blood sugar level two hours after eating is less than 140 mg/dl (7.7 mmol/l). however, lower than that would be better. some experts say shoot for 120 (or 6.6).. Why all the morning highs? posted on june 26, with good excercise and proper food intake my blood sugar levels stabilized. i stopped medicine, though i keep checking the blood sugar levels. i always get reading a between 140 & 150 in the morning at about 7am. in the evening times my average blood sugar levels are between 110 to 125. i. Continue reading

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how to lower fasting sugar

Excess weight plays a role in hormone blood sugar management imbalance. renee,, janet. "how to lower fasting glucose." healthy eating | sf gate,. Nearly three decades ago scientists observed unexplained increase in fasting blood sugar levels in type 1 diabetes patients. soon enough the same was seen in type 2 diabetes as well.. Continue reading

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