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How to lower blood sugar immediately without medication an hour or so after lunch, you start to get a bit of a headache and are having a hard time concentrating. as someone with diabetes, you decide to check your blood sugar to see if it is out of range.. Learn how to bring high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) down. proven strategies that work with type 1, and type 2. includes 4 simple ways you can use right away to bring your blood sugar down.. Does anyone know how to lower a dogs blood glucose at home without insulin? all vets in the area are closed until monday. my older dog became very lethargic tonight and has been drinking/urinating excessively. after she vomited a few times tonight, i decided to take her blood glucose and found it is alarmingly high.. Continue reading

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A healthy diet can help you keep your type 2 diabetes in check. webmd tells you about seven types of foods to help control blood sugar, spare you from boredom, and stave off hunger. skip to main. A diabetes diet is based on eating three meals a day at regular times. this helps you better use the insulin that your body produces or gets through a medication. a registered dietitian can help you put together a diet based on your health goals, tastes and lifestyle.. Diabetes management and treatment is expensive. according to the american diabetes association (ada), the average cost of health care for a person with diabetes is $13,741 a year—more than twice the cost of health care for a person without diabetes.1. many people who have diabetes need help paying for their care.. Continue reading

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