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blood sugar of 130 in the morning

Why is My Blood Sugar So High In The Morning - YouTube

I am having a wide variance in the fasting blood sugar results each morning. if i test just as soon as i get up my fbs is between 130-150. if i wait about 30-45 minutes, shower and get dressed the numbers increase to between 170-190.. The american diabetes association recommends a fasting blood sugar between 70 and 130 for diabetics. a morning blood sugar reading below 70 indicates a hypoglycemic reaction, or low blood sugar condition. blood sugar readings over 130 are considered high readings and should be treated according to your care team’s recommendations.. What is a healthy blood sugar level? a healthy blood sugar level is between 70 and 130 milligrams per test is often done first thing in the morning,. i’ve recently noticed that my readings are high in the morning when i morning blood sugar i first wake up even if my readings are in the 130-150’s. was diagnois around four weeks ago as a diabetic. didn’t want to take medicine so i went on. Continue reading

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