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How Fiber Helps Control High Blood Sugar

Good blood sugar control is vital to staying healthy in the short and long term with diabetes. accomplishing this goal requires eating healthier, being physically. Consuming peanut butter or peanuts for breakfast can control blood sugar throughout most of the day, even after eating a high carbohydrate lunch…. Fiber does not raise blood glucose levels because it is not broken down by the body. learn more about fiber and its benefits for people with diabetes.. Continue reading

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causes of sudden drop in blood sugar

Low blood pressure is with diabetes can suffer hyperglycemia and low blood pressure if their blood sugar causes the blood pressure to drop. Learn more about the types and causes of low blood pressure, or low blood sugar what causes a sudden drop in blood pressure?. Low blood sugar can occur for a number of reasons. it is usually a side effect of diabetes treatment. diabetes and low blood sugar. diabetes affects your body’s. Continue reading

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