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Diabetes . and. pregnancy. gestational diabetes. u.s. department of gestational diabetes goes away after pregnancy, but sometimes diabetes stays. it’s important to be checked for . your blood sugar is high when the numbers are 130 mg/dl or higher. high blood sugar can. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. gestational diabetes can cause health problems in both mother and baby. managing your diabetes can help protect you and your baby. gestational diabetes often has no symptoms, or they may be mild, such as being thirstier. I have gestational diabetes and i’m having a problem keeping my glucose down. journal everything you eat, when your numbers are high, take a look at what you ate the previous meal. it may be that you didn’t measure properly or that you just can’t handle that potato. replace the potato with rice (or pasta) and see how that works.. Continue reading

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Why Do I Need To Be Induced With Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a condition in which a woman without diabetes develops high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. gestational diabetes generally results in few symptoms; however, it does increase the risk of pre-eclampsia, depression, and requiring a caesarean section. babies born to mothers with poorly treated gestational diabetes are at increased risk of being too large, having low.. Choices you might need to make for labour and birth. most women with gestational diabetes have a healthy birth. but before you make your birth plan, you may need to take some things into account to make sure you and your baby are safe during and after the birth. if you have gestational diabetes, you will be advised to give birth in hospital.. Does gestational diabetes always mean induction of labor? since people with gdm and their babies are at increased risk of pregnancy complications, some care providers encourage women with gdm to plan an early birth (usually elective induction) at or near term instead of waiting for labor to start on its own.. Continue reading

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