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can blood sugar levels drop too fast

6 things that can cause your blood sugar to spike or drop glucose meter that measures sugar levels with a small drop of blood, making enough insulin and your blood sugar gets too high, you. There are some simple steps you can take to lower blood sugar fast. watch for signs of high blood sugar. you know the feeling: extreme thirst, sluggishness, nausea, blurred vision, a downright sick feeling. and your family or friends may tell you that extreme irritability is a major sign you need to check your blood sugar to see if it is high.. This is a very old post, but the speed at which my blood sugar drops is a huge factor in how noticeable it is to me. fast drops are very problematic because sometimes i can’t catch them before i pass out – for me a quick drop would be like one time i tested about an hour or so after having a protein bar at 12:15 and was at 165….. Continue reading

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