Diabetes Advice Guide

Diabetes is a terrible disease with numerous ill effects. The cause of diabetes is pretty simple, but the effects are not so easy to handle. You must go through thousands of precautions and restrictions to keep your body reasonably fit, after being tested positive with diabetes.

Cause of Diabetes
This disease is basically caused by metabolic disorders. You can not have metabolic disorders in your system without any specific reason. It happens due to some problems in the way you digest your food. The maximum part of our food intake is simplified into glucose, which is the key resource of energy in our system.

After the digestion procedure is over, the glucose enters your bloodstream, and this glucose is used by your cells to initiate growth and supply energy to your entire body. But the most significant part in this entire process is played by insulin. This is a hormone secreted from the pancreas. Diabetes is caused either when this insulin is secreted in less quantity or there is a resistance to its production, or both.

Types of Diabetes
If you want to know about the disease more accurately, you must learn its types. Diabetes can be classified into three types, type 1, type 2 and Gestational Diabetes.

You will find the type 1 diabetes mostly among the children; this is mainly caused by a little or no production of insulin. The Gestational type of diabetes is mostly found among pregnant women. During pregnancy the blood glucose level may increase suddenly and it is a part of the entire process of giving birth to a child.

The type 2 is the most common type of the diabetes. In this case the patients are generally adult. Here the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin for maintaining the normal level of blood glucose. Number of people affected by this disease is increasing day by day due to increasing obesity, lack of exercise and stressful life. So, if you are an adult always have your diabetes test done at least once in a year and if you have history of diabetes in your family the ratio should be once in six months. Be conscious about yourself and save yourself from this killer disease.